Milltec is a leading agro-processing equipment manufacturer in the country, with sales and distribution network in India and overseas. Its portfolio includes equipment to facilitate the processing of rice, pulses, wheat, seeds, and maize.

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Optimum nv is founded in 2017 with the goal of providing the best optical sorters to the food industry. Using the latest technologies, our sorters will inspect a variety of bulk food products to ensure that they comply with the highest food standards.
One Stop Service New service
Machine rental service with a special price
Not just anyone can do it, but Maxtex can do it for youIf you need help in problem solving, Maxtex can help you. With One Stop Service for “Sorter” for mill to enhance production capacity. You don’t have to buy it, you can rent from us at a reasonable price.No worries, our service is completed with maintenance and parts fee and stabilizer for the entire machine rental period. You will not be disappointed.

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