4,000 sq.m complex
in bangkok, Thailand

Our Technical center supports the development of technology in the near future. We have the demonstration center, repair and maintenance center for parts and equipment, the world’s first simulator for maintenance and training. Moreover, we developed Online Troubleshooting (OTS) system to support our fast services which can reduce downtime of the machine.
Training Center / “learning society”
Training center is the complete advanced facility for learning and training. We have numbers of training rooms which can hold 15, 18, or 20 people. The Academy room can accommodate 60 people, and is suitable for a large group seminar. We focus on sharing knowledge and training with the help of advanced equipment. The various courses are like the restaurant’s menu which the customers can choose what they want to learn in production line development and maintenance. We provide food, drinks, and convenience for staff and customers. There is also an assessment after the training, and the participants will also receive a certificate.
Workshop & Showroom
Our trade allies from many countries supported our showroom by sending their products to be displayed for the customers. The customers can, touch, and try operating the real machines. Maxtex is trying to gather the products from various great brands to answer to the worthy operation, maximum efficiency, and high-technology agricultural industry goals. In our showroom, every current model of optical sorter is displayed such as NIR, RGB, UV, smooth rail, small rail, large rail, and belt system. The customers can examine the products to know the suitability and efficiency of the machines.
Rice Milling Operation Center
Rice milling operation centers includes various test machine such as sheller, whitener, or size sorter, as well as other analyzers. It is the center of education for Maxtex’s staff. They can analyze rice sample, working process and efficiency of machines in the production line, as well as create a guideline for improvement and development to support the Production Line Improvement Project.
Repair and maintenance
It is the complete repair and maintenance center. Maxtex is the trusted leader in fast and efficiency service. We continuously develop our services with the team of experts. From the past to the present, we have developed our repair and maintenance of parts for various machine. The repaired parts need to be tested with a high-standard parts testing system implementing QA and QC system, as well as machine simulator system. Our quality is assured by these tests. Moreover, Maxtex have increased its repair and maintenance capacity to promptly satisfy customers’ need. We assure our customer with fast and quality services.
Application Center
When there is endless development, data collecting and analyzing is important. Mr. Tripop Boonmuan foresee the importance of the collection of data on the efficiency of old and new color sorters sold by Maxtex. The data is used as based information to analyze, improve, research, and develop machines that can increase yield, reduce cost and loss, and improve sorting efficiency. The data can also be used for initial machine setting to satisfy the need of customers results in the highest benefit. Our application center is also the center of education and development of solution for staff and engineer to acquire deeper knowledge and expertise.
Store & Warehouse
Our warehouse store and sell high-quality parts of sorter. The parts are stored to service our customers. We provide high-quality parts that can replace and work efficiently, without causing any setback to the machine. We help our customers to reduce cost and maintenance cost as the customers did not have to send their machine oversea for repairing. Every part is repaired with international standard, and the quality is verified by Maxtex. After the replacement of parts, our team of expert engineers will adjust the setting of the sorter for optimum efficiency according to the needs of customers.
  New Workshop and Showroom

  Meeting Room / Training


  Workshop / Show Room / Test Product



    Maxtex gives great important in meetings for understanding, education, and teamwork.
     MAXTEX continuously share our knowledge with customers through training.


 Environment of the company


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