Grain Filling / Packing Machine
Our packaging equipment allows our customers to pack grains into bags with capacities ranging from 10 kilograms to 75 kilograms. Our Packing Machines are equipped with several features such as weighing bins, discharge bins, and a control system to facilitate the smooth packing of grains. The grain filling machines are available in 2 models with single and double dosing options.
Milltec Packing Machine Advantages 
  • High accuracy (Weighing accuracy±15 gms
  • PLC & pneumatic based control system
  • Color touch pad screen for display or entry
  • SS material for weighing bin discharge & material feeder
  • Jaws movement bag holder setup
Technical Description
Machine TypeRGFA1RGFB1
  Weighing Capacity (Kgs)Min 10Kgs, Max 75KgsMin 10Kgs, Max 100Kgs
  Number Of Bags75Kgs - 2Bags/Min 50Kgs - 3Bags/Min 25Kgs - 5Bags/Min 10Kgs - 8Bags/Min100Kgs - 3Bags/Min 75Kgs - 4Bags/Min 50Kgs - 6Bags/Min 25Kgs - 8Bags/Min 10Kgs - 10Bags/Min
  Volume Of Air Required8Ltrs/Weighment8 to 12Ltrs/Weighment
  Air Pressure Required5 to 6 Bar5 to 6 Bar
  Power Supply Required415V / 3Phase415V / 3Phase
  Over All Size LxWxH (MM)800 x 800 x 2200800 x 1600 x 2200
  Weight (Kgs)500500
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