Greatest innovation… from rice husk ash. Transform rice husk ash to money by Silica Extraction Plant from Rice Husk Ash.

Do you know that “Silica Powder” came from rice husk ash?
Silica powder is made from rice husk ash. we increase its purity through a chemical engineering process by burning the husk at 600-700℃, which yield 3 products that can be used as ingredients in various industries.

MAXX-75  Rice Flour Processing Compact Unit 

Maxx-75 is a unique processing solution designed to process rice into native flour by wet-milling method which gives a batter quality over other flour making processes, resulting in longer-lasting, finest and best quality flour.

Milltec - Rice Milling Machine
Milltec is a leading agro-processing equipment manufacturer in the country, with sales and distribution network in India and overseas. Its portfolio includes equipment to facilitate the processing of rice, pulses, wheat, seeds, and maize.

AGI (Ag Growth International)

Sesotec, the best optical color sorter innovation.

The most advanced innovation of optical color sorter for agricultural product improvement.
VTC Group Co., Ltd., Germany had debuted the Sesotec Optical Color Sorter, model RGB Full Color, with the most advanced laser collimated technology.


Optical Color Sorter, RGB-True Color system
MAX SORT MS-S-SERIES optical color sorter uses RGB-True Color system which enables the precise removal of foreign particles. The machine has high productivity and can greatly reduce the loss of quality grains. Its quality surpasses the price. Customers can greatly increase profit and added value. Maxtex is ready to play the part developing your production line to the maximum benefit.

Grain Samplers

Grain Samplers is most advanced technology imported from Italy. The machine was designed for flour, rice, and grains which need to be examined in lab for standard quality. Operated on computer with LCD monitor and CCTV camerab including remote control. 3 types of long, precise sampling probe are available; single suction probe, double suction probe, and auger probe. The structure can be installed within 1 day. Good quality, max performance, and high European standard.

Wheat flour and feed production project

Maxtex introduced the project of wheat flour and feed production with IMAS of the ITTIFAK group, the European corporate giant in wheat flour and feed industry. Maxtex and IMAS had been developing business in sale and marketing in South East Asia (AEC) for more than 3 years. There are good feedbacks from both Indonesia and Vietnam. In near future, we aim to expand the sale and marketing to Thailand with close-cooperation in the development of technology industry and will generate highest benefit for both companies.
Max Screen
Max Screen is a range of top-quality whitener and polisher screens. They are made in Italy by special processes to guarantee high performance and durability and therefore the highest satisfaction for our customers. Max Screen is available for various brands of milling machines.

Max Stone 

Max Stone is made from the polishing stone factory in India with ISO 9001:2008 international standard. They manufacture polishing stone for various leading brand around the world.
With a high-quality material and a standard manufacturing process, Max Stone is sharp and sturdy.

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