Wheat flour and feed production project
          Maxtex introduced the project of wheat flour and feed production with IMAS of the ITTIFAK group, the European corporate giant in wheat flour and feed industry. Maxtex and IMAS had been developing business in sale and marketing in South East Asia (AEC) for more than 3 years. There are good feedbacks from both Indonesia and Vietnam. In near future, we aim to expand the sale and marketing to Thailand with close-cooperation in the development of technology industry and will generate highest benefit for both companies.
MML - Multimilla Roller Mill 
  • The main body is made of gray TRY_PARSE iron that absorbs the vibration and shocks.
  • Some parts of body is made of aluminum with lightweight, high durability and in conformity with sanitation and hygiene.
  • Feeding system with three rolls enables effective and smooth stock distribution on grinding rolls.
  • Feeding rolls group with linear bearings enables easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.
  • The roll pack system, that all forces and drivingpoints gathered in one axis, enables;
  • Quick roll change, in 20min
  • Single piece front cover that exposes the roll pack systemeasily and quickly.
  • Single group roll pack system
  • Effective Milling
  • Single piece front cover allows easy and quick access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The infrared level probes enable a sensitive stock flow level control by monitoring of feed roll cycles.
  • Adjustable turbo system that creates negative pressure around the break rolls to suck dust around the break rolls
  • The complete body and parts designed with high sanitation and hygiene
  • User friendly and ergonomic driver cabinet allows easy access
  • Easy to use digital control panel
  • Air evacuation pipe that evacuates trapped dusty air from the inlet hopper to the outlet hopper by using pneumatic system

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